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  • Glenn Shea

When we meet

The darkness is inside us all, it is in the world we live in, it is there within the choices some people make and some people think of, it is our life that we have lived from those who have given breathe to our being, but who are we to sing the songs strum from a different tune of a different instrument. I am me and you are you when we meet know I care. Our lived experiences are only known to us unless we share the story of how we got there and how do we do that, how do we re-live those memories of our past to present within our future for all to hear, for all to see within the shadows of the walls which will reveal our observations from within those moments when your ears hear, and your eyes see, and your being feels. I am here, you are there, when we meet know I care. Will you come and meet those who are willing to bare their soul, willing to share themselves to give voice to the voiceless?

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