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An Indigenous Trilogy


An Indigenous Trilogy 

La Mama Theatre courthouse




THREE MAGPIES 8 - 27 November 2022

MASTERPIECE 15 - 27 November 202


23 - 27 November 2022 (Play reading only)




FULL $30



This story follows Peter. Peter is exhausted. He is utterly fed up. He is sick and tired of watching his brothers and sisters go in and out of the system, only to see them back in again, and far worse off. He worries that it is more dangerous for them INSIDE than hanging around on the outside sniffing chrome. But he is there. He is always there. If he isn’t, then who is? Who will stick up for the black fellas? Who will help navigate a system so heavily stacked against them?


Comprising of three acts, Three Magpies Perched in a Tree, Masterpiece and Some Secrets Should be Kept Secret, An Indigenous Trilogy is a series of original plays written and directed by acclaimed playwright, Wathaurong/Ngarrindjeri man Glenn Shea which have been in development for over three decades. The plays explore issues facing young Indigenous people, family and systemic racism whilst poetically intertwining First Nation Creation Stories, Dreamtime creatures and contemporary dance. Glenn’s personal experience working with children within the criminal justice system and his lived experience as a Stolen Generation child have informed this powerful story. In tone, substance and language it carries authority: the stories actually happened; the writer was part of the world they came from, a world most of us never see, but exists right under our noses. 

Three Magpies Perched in a Tree, under the direction of Dr Kirsty Reilly and performed by Glenn Shea, follows Peter working in his Aboriginal community as a front-line juvenile justice worker. He comes into contact with many Aboriginal adolescent young people who come into contact with the criminal justice system. This story is about how the issues impact not only the young person but their friends, their family, their community, the society they live in and ultimately the Aboriginal worker who is trying to support them.

Masterpiece is directed by Glenn Shea, featuring performances by Syd Brisbane, Lucy Payne and Norbet Williams. Masterpiece is a continuation of Peter's narrative as  he finds himself living as a recluse in the middle of the desert. The issues from his work as a juvenile justice worker have impacted his life to the point where he has lost everything. He is battling his demons and believes he is of no value and wants to die alone drinking and trying to paint his Masterpiece. Little does he know, his life is just about to take a different direction when Hope steps off the train.

Some Secrets Should Be Kept Secret will be presented in a play-reading lead by Glenn Shea. The play follows Peter  as he receives news that his adoptive mother has passed away and he now has to return to the home he grew up in… How do you share a story that you know is true when no one believes you because of the lies that you have told? Will Peter find peace by sharing the secrets?


Performances by:

Glenn Shea, Syd Brisbane, Lucy Payne, Uncle Jack Charles (dec.), Robbie Bundle, Brodie Murray and Nicole Nabout

Creative team:

Glenn Shea, Tessa Spooner, Valentina Serebrennikova, Daniella Esposito, Simon Bowland, Bronwyn Pringle, Kirsty Reilly Merryn Apma Daley,  Kelly Harris and Lauren Thuys




Brodie Murray (writing), Norbert Williams (directing), Maxi Sam-Morris (lighting) and Ben Ridgeway (sound), Isabel Knight (directing)

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